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Import products from China?

If you want to import from China, a click and one email is not enough. You need expertise with long experience. We support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large companies and even Amazon FBA sellers. Have a look of our Services.

China Product Sourcing

Import from China? Just a click on Alibaba is not enough. Making purchases, product research or searching factories in China is not just our job, it’s our passion! We have the capacity and long experience to find Chinese producers and products at a lower cost, in a wide range of categories. read more


Samples & Prototypes from China

We offer a fast searching, requesting, control and shipping services for samples from China.

Choosing GF China Sourcing will reduce sampling times even for complicated products and saving sampling costs.   read more


Procurement & Supply Chain in China

With our structure, resources and experiences,  we can offer added value services to the companies that already have experience importing from China, or have been sourcing their products from various Chinese suppliers for a long time!   read more

Quality Control Inspections  & China Factory Auditing

Do you need Quality Control in China on a specific product ? Do you need a quick check on a potential Chinese supplier? Do you want to understand if it is a simple Trading Company or a real Factory? We can help you. Read more…

Visiting fairs in China e Hong Kong

There is no doubt that visiting trade fairs brings multiple advantages, however we always need to put into consideration the air tickets, hotel and other business travel expenses. Not to mention the precious time cost of not being present in your company for at least one week.

GF China Sourcing is here to assist you.   read more


Souring in China and India with cost-effective results!  
Our mission is to offer our customers the opportunities for cost reduction and turnover growth by sourcing and purchasing new products from China or India market.

Finding a manufacturer in China is quite easy, but finding the ideal partner is much more complicated. 
GF China Sourcing helps you to acquire customized products fit your specific needs, safe and fast. 


Frequent Questions

Quick reply: “It depends on you”.

The range of services we offer varies from few hundred euros for a single project to few thousand euros a month for annual Purchasing Office packager. We will always make our offer based on your needs.


Quick response : “Only you”. 

We are 100% on your side, the side of the buyer. We do not accept any commission from the Chinese company.  This allows us to be in a strong position vs. the Chinese manufacturer at any time. 


Quick response: “Costs, risks, speed, product range”. 
Reduce purchasing costs through deep knowledge of the Chinese industrial production system.

Reduce import risks (quality issues, delays etc.). We know how to evaluate a reliable producer from a less professional one.

Product development speed not only we know the capabilities of the manufacturer,  we are familiar with the European market and the various needs of the sales market. Speaking the same language, we accelerate all the stages of product set-up. 

Helping client expand their product range. Not always, but we often make innovative product proposals that might bring benefits to our clients.


Quick response: “We mainly work with small and medium-sized companies & Amazon Sellers”.
Over 50% of our customers are small companies. Our strength is not only the experiences of working with small and medium-sized companies, but understanding their specific needs in minimum purchase quantity and timing.

Key Advantages


We have 20 years of experience sourcing from China and India. 


Our team of young and enthusiastic staffs are always here to help you with our business.


        Speed and precision are             fundamental in research,   
       development and purchase          management in China.


How we work

Importing products from China is never a simple task, but it is not impossible. We provide support to all the companies that want to purchase products from China, or companies that has already been importing and need to find a local partner in China with lower cost. We offer an end-to-end service that covers all aspect of research (sourcing) and procurement. 

Definition of our mission: 
Product, price, packaging and timing, the import strategy, the organization, supplier, key contact, production process. 

Quality control during sampling, through production and inspection before shipment.

The optimization of transport costs.  

We can also provide a simple market research , or a quick factory inspection for our clients.


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