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Procurement & Supply Chain in China

Procurement & Supply Chain

With our offices, resources and long experience we are able to offer several added value services also to all those companies that already have experience in importing from China, and that have in their portfolio various Chinese suppliers for a long time.

Simply because cost reduction, supply chain improvement, and further growth opportunities even from existing suppliers, are just around the corner!
To improve your business with China, you need a local partner, but who speaks your language, and who caps your sales market.

A partner who often brings you fresh and innovative ideas, a partner who every day tries to raise your business performance by working shoulder to shoulder with your company.
A partner who can help you optimize shipping costs by managing internal Chinese logistics. Often our clients have difficulty managing this situation through their trusted forwarders.
A partner that can solve any problems that arise with a production lot, or a supplier that has difficulty shipping the goods on time.
Where there is the utmost urgency to solve a production problem, a partner that can be in the factory a few hours after your request from Europe, USA or Australia

This partner is called GF China Sourcing!
Contact us today, you won’t be disappointed.

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Import Products from China

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