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Product Inspection & China Factory Audit

Product Quality Inspection

Do you need a Product Quality Inspection in China? We offer a team of highly qualified Quality Inspectors! Depending on your needs and international safety standards, we will perform on-site inspections in China within 48 hours. Based on customer requests, we can perform simple and quick QC to more sophisticated controls.

Product Quality Inspections
Product Quality Inspections

We offer you random quality controls on:

  • first batch production
  • supervision of the production process
  • quality control during production, and after the production is completed
  • analysis of the most common defects and the defects percentage
  • container loading supervision

The random QC (Quality Control) of the product at your Chinese supplier factory is the most effective way to avoid receiving the defective or non-compliant products; keep the quality of your product constant over time, and protect your brand in the market.

China Factory Audit

Need a China Factory Audit on a potential supplier? Do you want to verify if a particular company is a simple trading company or a real factory with production lines? We are at your disposal for quick verification. Before starting production, it is necessary to be certain that the factory has the capacity to produce a product with good quality. Finding out the problem during production, after having already paid 30% or even 50% as deposit, is too late.

Not sure if your new supplier is suitable for your needs? Our China Factory Audit service is designed to give you full confidence in your suppliers before signing contracts. We will help you confirm the various statements made by suppliers and analyze their capabilities. Our inspectors will visit the factory before your order is placed, we will provide you a full report on their actual production capability and qualitative abilities,  so you can decide if the supplier is truly suitable.

Controllo Qualità in Cina
Product Quality Inspection
Ispezione fabbrica cinese
China Factroy Audit
Amazon FBA Pre-shipment Inspection
Amazon FBA Pre-shipment Inspection
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Frequent Asked Questions

From few hundred to several hundred euros or dollars. It depends on various factors:

1) Chinese factory location
2) Whether you need a quick Factory Inspection of a few hours, or a thorough Quality Control
3) Type and quantity of the product to be checked

To have more precise quotation in just a few hours, send us an email. Let’s get in touch!

In case of urgency, we can arrange the inspection even within 24-48 hours, Saturday and Sunday included.

Normally the Quality Checks are scheduled 1 or 2 weeks before; Inspections usually 3-4 days in advance.

With broad experience in China, we have acquired deep knowledge on products, production process, and quality control on many sectors. On the page of Projects there are some of the category overview.

Import Products from China
Import Products from China

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