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Samples & Prototypes from China

Samples & Prototypes

We offer a fast research, request, control and shipping service for samples from China. Using GF China Sourcing means reducing sampling times even for more complex products, and saving costs.
Whenever you want to import from China, samples from China various potential suppliers are essential! Through our qualified service, you will be able to analyze various important aspects even before the shipment to Europe, USA or Australia. Saving time and money from unnecessary shipments of non-compliant samples.

What added value do we give on samples from China?

  1. Often the sample of the product may be slightly different from the photo, both in terms of size, shape, colors or materials. We check everything as per your request.
  2. Sometimes the photos from the producer are retouched so as not to show any surface imperfections, more or less rounded corners, closures or joints between 2 pieces that are not well made. Receiving us the samples allows us to touch the quality of the product offered, from the finishes, to the various internal components, to the quality of the material used, to the stitching, to the welds. We have a duty to inform you of potential differences or discrepancies
  3. Other times the weight of the sample, and therefore the quantity of raw material used is not as requested. Yes! We also check the weight of the samples.
  4. If the samples can sometimes be free of charge, the courier fee Europe and the USA via DHL / UPS / FedEx is always charged to the customer. A shipment of wrong samples means money and above all wasted time.
    This is why it is our duty to inform you of any problems before shipment.
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Import Products from China
Import Products from China

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