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Sourcing Services

Ricerca Prodotti & Fabbriche in Cina

Search Products & Factories in China

Importing from China?  It is never one click away from Alibaba.

Make inquiries, sourcing products and factories in China,  It is not just a job, it is our passion!    read more

Campionature dalla Cina


We offer a fast searching, requesting, control and shipping services for samples from China.

Choosing GF China Sourcing will reduce sampling times even for complicated products and saving sampling costs.   read more

Acquistare in Cina

Purchasing Management  in China

With our structure, resources and experiences,  we can offer added value services to the companies that already have experience importing from China, or have been sourcing their products from various Chinese suppliers for a long time!   read more

Controllo Qualità in Cina

Quality Control & Factory Inspection

Do you need product QC in China?
Do you need to verify if the supplier is just a trading company or a real factory?

We have a team of highly qualified inspectors!    read more

Visita Fiera in Cina

Visit Fairs in China & HongKong

There is no doubt that visiting trade fairs brings multiple advantages, however we always need to put into consideration the air tickets, hotel and other business travel expenses. Not to mention the precious time cost of not being present in your company for at least one week.

GF China Sourcing is here to assist you.   read more

Importare prodotti dall' India

Import from India

Do you to import Indian products?
We offer a direct India Sourcing & QC service . 
We have a very good team in India at your service!     read more