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Amazon FBA Product Inspection in China

We offer Amazon FBA Inspection service to all Amazon Sellers

We do an FBA Product Inspection in China before the products are shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers. Save time and money keeping troubles away with our TOP Services. In this way you can ship directly from China to an FBA Warehouse.
We are an European company located in China with office in Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao. We are able to handle Quality Inspection everywhere in China as we have direct personnel scattered all over the map.

Why do you need an FBA Product Inspection?
Simply because Amazon it is an extremely competitive marketplace. Do you know that nearly 95% of online consumers read reviews before making a purchase? Most of Amazon buyers rely heavily on reviews and star ratings to make purchasing decisions.
Your business depends on GOOD or BAD reviews. Few bad product reviews will damage your brand image. Even worse… several returns will get your product suspended!  This will kill your sales in a huge way.
You have no idea how many times we found problems or defects during quality checks.  

Amazon FBA Quality Inspection
Amazon FBA Product Inspection

What are the benefits to have an FBA Product Inspection?
Peace of mind! Our QC (Quality Control) will ensure that your purchased products match your specifications. Our inspection will help you avoid any last-minute surprise that can cost large amount of money, time, and customer satisfaction.

What does an FBA Product Inspection Service Include?
Our on-site Amazon FBA Quality Inspection will include a predefined list of checks.  For some specific products we will discuss with client if any additional checks or test we need to perform.
Here below our standard list of checks:

    1. Quantity of each item. The number of goods as per the order placed by the customer
    2. Quality of each item. Product specifications as per PO to ensure color, dimensions, shape and other technical requirements are corect
    3. Functional test in case of some appliances, lights, machines, toys etc.
    4. Check out the weights, cartons dimensions, inner boxes / packaging, labelling of packing to ensure these are as per FBA requirements
    5. Any other check or test the buyer requires

 Most of our QC are done during the morning (China’s time), and if any issue we will update client right away!

What is the cost for an FBA Product Inspection?
Our fee starts at USD 200 included travel fees, and YES! You can pay by Paypal. If you need to get a quote, pelase  drop us an email or text us in Whatsapp. We will reply within few hours.


Amazon FBA Pre-shipment Inspection

Amazon FBA Pre-shipment Inspection
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Which Inspection Report we will send you? When?
Within the same day of the Quality Inspection, or latest within 24hour,  we will provide you with a very detailed report. Our report includes all major & minor defects chart, workmanship report, packaging & labelling info, a lot pictures & videos. 
Most of our Inspections for USA, Australia & New Zealand FBA Sellers, are done during the morning of China’s time, it means early evening in USA, early afternoon in AU & NZ.
Instead for all European Amazon FBA sellers we always try to arrange the Inspections in the afternoon, so during the morning of Europe. This allow us to keep in touch right away wit the client if any major issue of quality or quantity.

Amazon FBA Pre-Shipment Inspection
Amazon FBA Pre-Shipment Inspection

Any other question?
Drop us an email or text us in WhatsApp. We will reply you in short time.  

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